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This is the newsletter of the Barber Law Firm, a legal planning practice specializing in Texas estate planning. Thank you so much for visiting us and spending time with us. Estate planning, also known as family legal planning, is the process of developing a legally binding plan that takes effect while you are still alive and continues even after you die. We will cover a variety of subjects pertaining to Estate Planning, Asset Protection, and Probate in this presentation.

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Where Medical Research May Fit Into Advance Planning

Medical research assists professionals in better understanding and treating disease treatment, diagnosis, and prevention. More than 139,000 clinical investigations will be recorded in the US as of 2023, according to the US National Library of...

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Being a Health Care Proxy: What You Should Know

When you operate as a loved one's healthcare proxy, you make critical medical decisions on their behalf. If your loved one becomes incapacitated in their ability to communicate with health care providers, you are responsible for ensuring that...

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Limited Power of Attorney in Estate Planning

A POA can be modified to restrict the agent's decision-making authority to specific categories. A power of attorney, for instance, can be used to authorize someone to act in your place and complete a real estate transaction on your behalf. A...

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