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This is the newsletter of the Barber Law Firm, a legal planning practice specializing in Texas estate planning. Thank you so much for visiting us and spending time with us. Estate planning, also known as family legal planning, is the process of developing a legally binding plan that takes effect while you are still alive and continues even after you die. We will cover a variety of subjects pertaining to Estate Planning, Asset Protection, and Probate in this presentation.

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Not having a Will can put your children at risk

Many people put off having the talk or thinking about preparing a will. It's difficult to face the possibility of dying. Having said that, failing to make a will can burden your children significantly and lead to unfavorable difficulties, as Anne...

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Should I Look into Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts?

The federal government passed the SECURE 2.0 Act in late 2022. This law includes provisions that make it simpler for consumers to fund specific annuities that allow them to postpone paying taxes on their retirement savings until they are 85 years...

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When Should I Include a Pour Over Will in My Estate Plan?

By establishing an estate plan, you are proactively ensuring that your assets will be transferred in accordance with your preferences after your passing. A trust is one estate planning instrument that you have at your disposal. Trusts come in a...

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